How to sew fabric pumpkins…

Autumn is my favourite time of year, misty mornings, sunny afternoons, all the colours, walks through the leaves, I love it all.

I’ve been making these fabric pumpkins for a few years now, every year I find myself adding to my collection as they’re such a fun, speedy project and a great way to use up scraps.

Here I’ve included instructions (below) and a FREE print at home downloadable template so that you can make your own.

NOTE: To print the pumpkin template you’ll need to download the file and then ensure you print out at 100% scale. Once printed, check your test square measures 1″ or 2.5cm and cut around the bold black edge.

I also have a full sew-along for how to sew up these fabric pumpkins which you can watch here.

You will need:

Scraps of fabric approximately a fat quarter in size or larger

Stuffing – I use polyester toy stuffing similar to this one

Strong thread I use Guterman

Brown felt or something to use as a stalk

Fabric glue or a glue gun

Trimmings of your preference, I use rustic twine and burlap ribbon

So, let’s get sewing…

Download your small pumpkin template here and cut it out

Cut your rectangle from your desired fabric ‘on the bias.’ The template will guide you as to where to place your grainline. Cutting on the bias gives your fabric stretch and will give your pumpkin that lovely plump look and feel.

Either on a sewing machine or by hand, sew the short edges of your fabric together to form a tube shape

Run gathering stitches along the bottom edge of your tube. Again you can do this either on the sewing machine or by hand. I prefer to do this part by hand as I find the stitches easier to gather afterwards.

NOTE: A gathering stitch is a long running stitch made along the entire length of your fabric piece. Make sure to securely knot your end and use the same piece of thread throughout. If your thread isn’t very strong you might want to double up here.

At one end of your tube, pull up your gathering stitches tightly and knot to keep secure. If necessary, you can add a couple of hand stitches here to close any gaps.

Stuff your pumpkin firmly. Leave a gap of at least 1cm at the top of your pumpkin as you’ll need to gather up the top next.

Run gathering stitches around the top of your pumpkin and pull up tightly. Again knot your threads to secure and add a couple of hand stitches if necessary.

Take a long needle and thread with a VERY long piece of doubled up thread. Knot the ends tightly.

Poke your threaded needle up through the bottom centre of your pumpkin, all the way out through the top and bring it around the side of your pumpkin and through the bottom again. Pull tightly, this pulling will create your pumpkin segments.

Continue threading from bottom through top and around again until you have as many segments as you like.

Once you’re done creating segments finish run a couple of hand stitches through the fabric in the centre to secure.

Next you need to make your stalk. I’ve used brown felt but you could use a cinnamon stick or anything else that you think looks ‘stalk like.’

Cut a small rectangle of felt and roll up to make a small tube. Secure the ends with fabric glue or a glue gun.

Glue your stalk into the centre of your pumpkin. Trim your stalk if necessary

Add your preferred trimmings to your pumpkin stalk. I like to use rustic twine or burlap ribbon for this part.

Admire your finished pumpkin – you’re all done!!

I’d love to see your finished pumpkins – share a photo and tag me over on Instagram and let me know how you found making them!

Thanks so much for reading and watching!

Until next time..

Sally xx

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