Christmas Stocking Tutorial

How to Sew a Lined Christmas Stocking with a Cute Pom Pom Trim

Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Beautiful Christmassy fabric

You will need:

Wide paper of any sort to draw out your pattern – you can use wrapping paper, newspaper, greaseproof paper or anything else you have lying around.

Main fabric for the outside of your stocking, I’ve used this beautiful gold glitter star print cotton from Minerva which is available to purchase here.

Fabric for your lining, you can use anything you have available, I’ve used an inexpensive plain white polycotton but you could make it fancy!

Scraps of fabric for the cuff of your stocking.

The amount of fabric you require for these parts will depend on how large you would like to make your stocking.

Pom pom trim or trim of some sort for your cuff if required

Ribbon or twine to hang.

A sewing machine will make the task easier, but the stocking could be sewn by hand if you do not have access to one.


To draw your stocking shape, decide how wide you would like the opening at the cuff to be and remember that 1.5cm at each side of that will be used as a seam allowance so 3cm will need to be added onto whatever width you would like your finished opening.  Draw in this line.

Next, decide how long you would like the ‘leg’ of your stocking to be from cuff to foot and draw that length downwards from your cuff line on both sides

You will now need to draw in your foot, this can be in any shape you prefer, include a curve at the step if you like, or have it straight as I have in my pattern. Just remember it will need to be wide enough to fit in all those treats you are going to fill it with later!

For your cuff fabric you will need to decide how long you would like your cuff to be when it is folded down over the length of your stocking, mine is 10 cm when folded, you will then need to double that length as the cuff will be folded back on itself so draw a rectangle with the width the same as that of the opening of your main stocking piece by the length you would like the cuff to be folded x 2.

Now you are ready to cut your fabric…


Christmas Stocking Tutorial

You will need to cut:

2 x stocking pieces from your main fabric

2 x stocking pieces from your lining fabric

2 x cuff pieces from your cuff fabric

We will come to the pom pom trim later.


Place one of your cuff pieces right sides together with one of the main fabric pieces of your stocking leg.  Pin and sew with a 1.5cm seam allowance. 

Place one of your lining fabric pieces right sides together with the other end of the cuff piece you have just sewn.  Pin and sew making sure that both foot pieces are pointing in the same direction.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Sewing your cuff pieces

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with your remaining stocking leg, cuff and lining pieces. 

Take your stocking pieces over to the ironing board and give the seams a good press towards the lining.

When both pieces have been pressed, place one stocking piece on top of the other right sides together with lining to lining and main fabric to main fabric.

Starting at the foot of the lining piece pin all the way around the stocking finishing where you started at the foot of the lining but leave a gap in your pinning of about 3 inches as we’ll need turn the stocking through this later.

Starting at the foot of the lining where you placed your first pin sew  all around your stocking removing your pins as you go.  Stop where you placed your last pin ensuring that you have left your gap of three inches.  Backstitch at the start and end of your sewing to reinforce at the gap where you are going to turn your stocking through.

Snip notches into the curves of your stocking within the seam allowance every 2cm or so.  This will help the curves to sit more neatly when you turn your stocking through.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Snip notches every two cm
Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Pull your main fabric through your lining

Reach your hand through the gap at the foot of your lining and grab the foot of your main fabric stocking piece and gently pull it through until it is right sides out.

Give the whole stocking a really good press to get rid of the creases from pulling through and make sure that the cuffs and lining are all sitting neatly on top of each other.  Press up the seam allowance of your gap at the same time. You can use a knitting needle or anything you have around to poke out the shape of the foot as you press.

Lined Christmas Stocking Tutorial
Lovely pressed stocking

Sew closed your gap in the lining of the foot.  If you want to be really neat you can slip stitch this closed but as the lining will be inside the stocking I tend to machine sew this.

Next, take your lining piece and carefully push it into your main fabric stocking piece until your cuff is folded in half and the foot of your lining sits neatly inside the foot of your main fabric piece.  It might take a bit of wiggling around and pressing to get this to lie completely flat.  Turn down your cuff and press it in place too trying not to let any of the lining poke out at the top.

Your stocking is almost finished, all that’s left to do is to add your pom pom trim if you would like. 

To roughly work out how much trim you will need measure around the cuff and add approximately 3 cm.  Cut this amount from your trim.

Open out your cuff again and, starting at the back seam of your folded cuff pin your trim to your cuff making sure that the pom poms are facing in the right direction so that they will hang correctly once sewn and the cuff is folded back again. 

Carefully pin your pom pom trim

Take your stocking to the sewing machine and very carefully sew your trim along the fold of your cuff trying as far as you can to cover the fold of your cuff fabric with the edge of your trimming.  Once you get back to the beginning backstitch and cut off any excess trim.

All that remains to do is to add your hanging loop.  I’ve used a jute twine here for mine but you could use any ribbon or string you have available, thread a wide eyed but sharp needle with your string and pull it through the top of your cuff at the seam line and tie in a knot.

Thread your hanging loop

And you’re done!! Why not personalise your stocking with a label, fabric tag or embroidered initial.

What a perfect addition to your Christmas décor that you can bring out year after year.

Admire your finished Stocking!

I’d love to know if you use my tutorial to make a Christmas stocking – please do let me know how you found it in the comments.

Thank you for reading…

Sally xx

Christmas Stocking TutorialChristmas Stocking Tutorial

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