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    My Make Nine Plans for 2021

    If you aren’t already familiar with the ‘Make Nine’ challenge, it’s described as a ‘gentle self-guided challenge for makers’ and the idea behind it is that, at the beginning of the new year (or any time really), you set yourself nine things you would like to make over the coming year and post them on Instagram using the hashtag #makenine so that other makers can follow along with your journey and progress.  It’s also great inspiration to see what other makers are planning for the year and a great way to find new pattern/fabric pairings and ideas. Although I have loved seeing other makers take part in this challenge in…

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    An Ogden Cami Hack and a Fabric Review

    I loved the look of this beautiful John Kaldor Floral Print Slinky Satin Dress Fabric as soon as I saw it, mainly because I loved the yellow and black print, but when it arrived, I have to admit, it was a little more silky and sheer than I had imagined so for a little while it sat in my stash until inspiration for the right project arrived. If you’re on Instagram, I’m sure it didn’t escape your notice that August was Ogden Cami month and as more beautiful versions of this pattern appeared in my feed along with some lovely dress hacks it suddenly hit me that maybe this beautifully…

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    February Fabric Haul & Sewing Plans

    In this video I talk through my fabric haul for February and what I’m planning to make with it all. I also have some beautiful fabrics that I picked up in the January sales to show off. I would love you to consider subscribing to my channel and to hit the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my future videos – I’m hoping to make them more regularly this year.

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    True Bias Ogden Cami – A Review….

    If you’re a sewer you’ll know that there have been dozens and dozens of these tops all over sewing social media in all the beautiful fabrics so after lusting over about 600 of them on Instagram I decided it was time I gave this pattern a try.  I downloaded the PDF file direct from the True Bias website for $10.00, it winged it’s way into my Inbox and I printed it straight out.  Given that there are only five pattern pieces in total to print, this pattern was very quick to put together using the cut and stick method and very quick to cut from the fabric too as the…