Five of My Favourite Sewing Tools

For this blog post I thought I’d do a little round up of my top five favourite and most used sewing tools.  I could have added many more but these are my current favourites J

I’ve linked the products in each section if you would like to check them out for yourself. 

Burda Tracing Paper

Not sure if this can be considered a ‘tool’ but I guess it kind of is.  I absolutely love this stuff, since I trace off all of my patterns now I go through quite a lot of it. I’ve tried various types of paper (I’ve even tried greaseproof baking paper) for tracing patterns and I find this one is the best for me.  I can actually see through it for a start and even though there are only five sheets in a pack they are really large so you get a lot of tracing out of each sheet.  I buy mine from Amazon here.

It’s just got the perfect amount of see-through without being too flimsey!

Pattern Marking Ruler

I invested in this Liquidraw pattern ruler a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back.  I use it for tracing off patterns as it has a straight edge and a curved edge for tracing armholes etc.  I’ve also used it for grading between pattern sizes and for grading my own pattern alterations such as adapting a sleeved pattern to a sleeveless.  It also has a 45 degree angle line on it which is useful for making bias binding. 

Liquidraw Pattern Master

Cutting Board & Rotary Cutters  

I cannot remember the last time I used pins and scissors to cut out a pattern.  After being scared for ages to try cutting dressmaking patterns using this method (I use it all the time for patchwork) I haven’t looked back.  I place the fabric onto my extra large cutting mat and weight the pattern down on top with pattern weights and then simply cut around the edges with my rotary cutter and pattern master.  Super quick and easy and I find it gives better, more accurate results.   I bought this pretty pink cutter a little while ago but I don’t feel it cuts as well as my yellow one. I have this cutting board and this rotary cutter. While we’re on the subject pattern weights are also something I couldn’t be without – oh dear I could add so many things but this is supposed to be my TOP FIVE favourites so I’ll have to be decisive here! 

Clover Chalk Pencils

I just love these little guys, super easy to use and mess free!  I use them for drawing out bias binding, marking button holes, marking out darts the list could go on.  The colour shows up really well and it’s so easy to just brush off the chalk if you make a mistake.  They come in loads of different colours, I have a pink one for light fabrics and a white one for darks but the come in lots of pretty shades, I think I need to invest in a new one soon but I’ve had these for ages and they’re showing no signs of running out any time soon so I’ll need to think of an excuse as to why I need one. I’ve linked them here.

Tailors Ham

This is one of those things I told myself for ages I didn’t need and was never going to bother to buy.  Then I received one for my birthday, actually tried it and I love it!  I use it for pressing out sleeve curves and pressing out curved darts.  I cringe when I think about how I used to iron my sleeves flat on the ironing board.  Naughty me…! They are pretty easy to make yourself so I hear but I have this lovely Prym one as it was a gift.   I can’t seem to find the one I have anywhere online at the moment but I’ve linked a similar one here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top five sewing tools.  To be honest it changes so often I might well have a new list to share with you soon.

What are your favourite sewing tools?  I’m always in the market for new sewing goodies so I’d love to hear.

Lots of love and happy sewing!!


*Just to be absolutely clear some of the products I’ve linked are affiliate links meaning that should you choose to purchase via any of them I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.   I have not been asked or paid to recommend any of them and all opinions are my own*

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