Autumn Crafting with my Serious Light by Serious Readers

There’s something about that change in season from summer to the cooler months that just feels fresh. Almost like a new beginning, I guess that comes with the whole September, back to school situation.

I love summer but I REALLY love autumn. The beautiful colours in the leaves, bright blue skies and crisp cool mornings, chilly walks, hot chocolate and all of that lovely stuff. Of course, being an avid crafter, autumn also brings with it a whole lot of crafting inspiration. This year, for my sewing, I’m thinking about and planning all the cosy makes. I really want to challenge myself to make another winter coat this year and I’m also hoping to finally push myself right out of my comfort zone and make a pair of jeans – eek scary!!

For knitting I have a super chunky cardigan planned, something I can wear over my handmade tops and T shirts and also a lovely luxurious cashmere beanie hat. I’ve also found myself getting much more into crochet lately. My favourite thing to crochet really is a simple, granny square blanket. I’ve made two already and I’d be quite happy to sit and crochet another this winter. I find crochet blankets so relaxing and mindful to do since I don’t have to think too much, it’s all about keeping your hands busy and your mind relaxed – can anyone else relate??

As the evenings start to draw in early from October onwards here, it can be difficult to get the lighting right to sit and knit, crochet or sew in the winter. Eye strain is real and definitely not good, so for me, the autumn/winter months are where my Serious Light really comes into its own.

Around this time last year, I was kindly invited to choose and try out one of the Serious Lights Range by Serious Readers and I can honestly say that I’ve used it all year long. Serious Lights are great because they use daylight wavelength technology to help you to see all of the detail and colour in your work that you need to without straining your eyes and without the need to keep the dreaded ‘big light’ on. They are even recommended by over 500 independent optometrists!

There are loads of different custom-built lights to choose from on the website, but I decided to go for a high-definition floor light with a lightweight base as I wanted my light to live in my lounge next to where I sit. At the time, we didn’t have a table for a desk lamp to live on, so the height was perfect for what I needed. All Serious Lights are custom built and there are various options to select, so you can tailor your light to best suit you. I went for a lightweight base (heavy is also available) since I wanted to be able to move my light into my dining room on occasion to allow me to use it when I sew in the evenings.

I chose a black body finish with a brass accent since these colours fit in well with our lounge décor. A dimmer and beam width are fitted as standard allowing you to get just the right amount of focus and beam width for whatever you might be working on at the time.  You can also select your preferred handle and whether you would like a single or Gemini light option. The Gemini features two lights which can be angled in different directions, perfect if you need one on your sewing machine and one on your overlocker for example!  

I tend to get up early in the morning to read my Bible and do a bit of exercise and with the mornings being so dark in the winter, my Serious Light has been so useful for allowing me to easily see what I’m reading. It’s also great for sitting knitting and crocheting at night as I can use it just for what I’m working on without disrupting the rest of the family who might be watching TV and want the lights off for example.

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be looking for the perfect gift to give to that special someone who is just so difficult to buy for – I hope this might have given you some inspiration.

Serious Readers offer a 30-day, money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing that, if you decide your light is not for you, you can return with a no quibble money back guarantee.

Do pop over and have a look at the Serious Readers website and have a look at all they have to offer and if you would like to make a purchase, you can use my code SR509 for £100 off High Definition (HD) Lights + free delivery. I hope you enjoy checking them out!

With all that said, I’ll go back to my Pinterest search of outfits I’d like to sew and recreate for autumn and winter this year. Another thing that’s high on my list of things to make is a casual blazer, a sherpa fleece jacket, another Whitmoor knitted cardigan – the list goes on. I better get making I think!

Let me know in the comments what you’re planning on making for the colder months and I’d love to know if you’ve tried a Serious Light yet too.

As always, thanks for reading!

Sally xx

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