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Megan Nielsen Sudley Dress/Top Hack

I think I have an obsession with Megan Nielsen dress patterns, there’s always so much potential to adapt and so many different variations to the patterns.  When I saw this beautiful blue spot crepe fabric on the Minerva website loved it immediately and wasn’t sure what to make with it at first, then the Sudley Dress pattern came into my life and I knew it would be the perfect match. 

I wasn’t sure at first whether to make the dress version or a top from this fabric and in the end I settled on something in between.  A sort of hack of the pattern to make a peplum top.  Here’s a shortened version of how I found it, the longer version will be on the Minerva website later in the year.

PatternMegan Nielsen Sudley Dress

Fabric: Royal Blue Spot Crepe Fabric from Minerva

Size: I made a size 0 based on my bust measurement.

How I adapted the pattern: This was a really simple hack, I cut the bodice and lining as for the neck tie dress version with the ¾ length sleeve then cut the peplum using the skirt from the ‘drop hem’ version of the pattern included in the pattern pieces.  I attached the peplum in the same way as you would the skirt.

Time to make: Approximately 3.5 hours – I broke it up throughout the day so I didn’t keep proper time.

Difficulty: Intermediate. Probably the most difficult part was getting the sleeves in neatly, they are attached on the flat.

Would I make again: Yes definitely!  I love this pattern and have a couple of blouse versions planned for the summer.

Any changes I would make next time: Not for this version of the pattern, I do have another hack idea involving the bodice of this pattern that I’d like to try out, stay tuned to see how that works out 😉

Have you made a Sudley dress or top yet?

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Sally xx

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